Artwork Requirements

Upload artwork files while placing your order, or send / share via eMail: artwork@TheCalendarWarehouse.com

Please send your design as a DOC, PDF, AI or EPS file. We will prepare a PDF proof of your layout for your approval before we actually produce your order.

If your custom imprint requires only text, just upload a WORD document with your information. You can specify fonts and layout and we can match fonts almost all the time.

If you have a logo that you would like to include, NO PROBLEM. There is no additional charge for printing a logo. but …we need the logo in a format we can work with. Logos are generally created and saved as ‘vector’ art by programs such as Adobe Illustrator. The file extensions are usually either .ai, . eps. or .pdf. Send us your file and we will review it with you to make sure we’ve accurately created what you want us to.

Unless otherwise specified on your purchase order, all artwork will be sized to best maximize the imprint areas indicated. If no particular imprint area is indicated, we reserve the right to decorate in the area most suitable for the artwork and method specified.

Electronic artwork

Artwork Transmission


  • PC / Windows

Graphic Software

  • Adobe Illustrator CS (.eps) — Text converted to outlines or attach fonts to file
  • Adobe Photoshop CS (.psd) – Art to size; high resolution

Compression Software

  • WinZip
  • Stuff It

Other Information

  • 600 DPI or greater
  • Halftones should not exceed 55 line at actual size
  • Must be able to manipulate images — No placed images – Vector art files work best
  • Outline thickness no less than 1 point
  • When varying from stock colors, list PMS number and color
  • Specify tone-on-tone color if requested
  • Additional files accepted: .tif, .ai

Send art as an attachment on an e-mail message to:
artwork@TheCalendarWarehouse.com .   To help us match your artwork to your order, please state the following in your message:

  • Format used
  • Company name
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Purchase order number



Camera-Ready Artwork
To help us match your artwork to your order, please state the following with your camera-ready artwork:

  • Company name
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Purchase order number
  • File name if on disk

Artwork Charges
Artwork clean-up, touch-ups, typesetting, or re-sizing requiring less than 1/2 hour is free. Additional artwork or sizing by TheCalendarWarehouse.com is billed at $25 per half-hour. If clean-up, touch-up, typesetting, or other artwork is required, please add an additional 2 days to our standard lead times.

Pre-production proofs

Paper Proof
First paper proof on a new art order is free. Additional paper proofs requested are billed at $15.00 each.

Product Proof
Please inquire on specific products.