Many people wonder if calendars are still used, do people really still hang them up or has everyone gone digital?

Should I spend my marketing budget on calendars?

Here are some of the numbers behind this very effective advertising medium

Even people who do use electronic calendars for their scheduling  and to track appointments still use paper calendars for reference.  It is much quicker and easier to glance at the wall then to change programs to look up a date or count how many days until a shipment will be received. In this era of super productivity goals anything that streamlines a process, even if it appears to be a throwback to an earlier era is a wanted promotional piece that is sure to be used and kept.

When you consider that many calendar styles cost less than $3 each, that makes the cost per day around a penny or less and the cost per impression a fraction of a cent.  Where else can you get that kind of CPI (Cost per Impression)?