Calendars by the Numbers

Calendars by the Numbers

Many people wonder if calendars are still used, do people really still hang them up or has everyone gone digital?

Should I spend my marketing budget on calendars?

Here are some of the numbers behind this very effective advertising medium

Even people who do use electronic calendars for their scheduling  and to track appointments still use paper calendars for reference.  It is much quicker and easier to glance at the wall then to change programs to look up a date or count how many days until a shipment will be received. In this era of super productivity goals anything that streamlines a process, even if it appears to be a throwback to an earlier era is a wanted promotional piece that is sure to be used and kept.

When you consider that many calendar styles cost less than $3 each, that makes the cost per day around a penny or less and the cost per impression a fraction of a cent.  Where else can you get that kind of CPI (Cost per Impression)?

Creating a Keepsake Calendar as a Fundraiser

Creating a Keepsake Calendar as a Fundraiser

One of the many reasons that organizations create a custom wall calendar is as a fundraising vehicle.

Any organization with access to unique images that are meaningful to their target audience, can create a fundraising calendar.

One of the many that we created over the years, was for the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  We helped them to create an over-sized wall calendar that they sold in their gift shop.  Each page featured another beautiful photo from the gardens.

Custom large format promotional calendar

Custom Fundraising Gift Calendar

This gave them a fundraising vehicle and many of their patrons had a wonderful holiday gift.

There are many formats that can be used to create a custom fundraising calendar.  We will showcase more of them in future posts, but you can call us at 800-441-6905 and speak with a calendar specialist who can help you create your next fundraiser.

Why Calendars

Why Calendars

It is not uncommon these days for people to ask us  ” Do people still use paper/wall/desk calendars?  Isn’t everyone using electronic calendars on their computers/PDA/phone ?”.

It is true that many people use various electronic devices as a calendar, however, 99 + percent of those people also still use some form of a paper calendar.  Particularly wall calendars.  This applies in the home setting as well as the business setting.

Why should YOU consider investing a portion of your marketing dollars in a promotional wall calendar ?   Here is some marketing food for thought….

1.   Visual appeal of YOUR brand

2.   Command of wall or desk space in your customers’ homes and offices 365 days a year

3.   Controlled, targeted distribution

4.   Remarkable cost-effectiveness

5.   Creative design to fit YOUR brand

6.   Year-long high-frequency visibility

7.   High perceived value for gift giving

8.   Useful for personal record keeping, thus referred to often

9.   Business people use an average of 2.5 calendars

10. Versatile styles, colors, formats and designs.